Point Of Grace Lyrics
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Point Of Grace Lyrics

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Point Of Grace Lyrics

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Album Lyrics: How You Live - Deluxe Edition [2010]

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Point Of Grace
"How You Live - Deluxe Edition" [2010]

  1. All The World
  2. Fearless Heart
  3. How You Live / Turn Up The Music
  4. Any Way
  5. He Believes In You
  6. You Are Good
  7. Fight
  8. On God's Green Earth
  9. Heal The Wound
  10. Broken Thing
  11. Because You Are
  12. Before The Throne Of Grace
  13. I Wish
  14. King Of The World
  15. How You Live / Turn Up The Music (Acoustic)

Album Lyrics: No Changin' Us [2010]

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Point Of Grace
"No Changin' Us" [2010]

  1. He Holds Everything
  2. Wildflower
  3. Hometown
  4. There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace
  5. No Changin' Us
  6. Love And Laundry
  7. What About Jesus
  8. Chalk In The Rain
  9. The Greatest Show On Earth
  10. A Good Place To Turn Around
  11. Come To Jesus

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