Lynae Rachele, Old Fashioned Love Lyrics

Old Fashioned Love Lyrics

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Lynae Rachele - Old Fashioned Love Lyrics

Changing out the pictures on the wall
Itís funny you were
Nothing I was looking for at all
And now I see how

Too many times Iíve settled for
So much less than so much more
Donít think Iím dreaming, Iím just wondering

Is there anyone out there
Who would throw a pebble at my window
To steal one kiss
Cause he just canít resist
Iím not asking for the world
Or the stars up above
Just someone strong enough
With an honest touch
Whatever happened
To that old fashioned kind of love

I donít need a half to make me whole
But itíd sure be nice if
I could find a hand Iíd like to hold
That certain kind of

Man just as strong as my father was
Who knows how to fight and never give up
Iím not dreaming, Iím just wondering

Love, that could shake the ocean
That could set my heart in motion
The kind of love that wonít leave me wondering

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