Lynae Rachele, Words in Red Lyrics

Words in Red Lyrics

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Lynae Rachele - Words in Red Lyrics

Momma taught me right from wrong
Knew every gospel song
Every Sunday I'd sing along
In my cotton dress
With a big smile on

I heard about the words He said
How they wrote em down in red
Man I never will forget

I've been knee deep in holy water
Baptized as a rebel daughter
Lord knows I should know better
Then going down wrong roads
Sometimes I see the world in black and white,
Feel blue where there ain't no light
And shades of grey start clouding up my head
Until I read the words in red

I learn the truth will set you free
Find out what real love means
And how to close my eyes to see
The storms roll out and the sunlight beam

I hear the devil start his talking
Messin up my narrow walking
But you can bet he won't be knocking me down

I heard about the words he said
How he wrote em down in red

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