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Louisiana Love Lyrics

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Carolina Rain - Louisiana Love Lyrics

The tension in the air is so damn thick
You can cut it with a knife, stir it with a stick
Itís like Mississipi mud umm and it gets in your blood
Steamís rollin up off a blacktop streak
Sweatin like a sinner in the front pew seat
In the church house, hot enough to run the devil out
And here I am thinking about the preacher mans daughter
With the hair as black as the bayou water
And her..

Louisiana love
Hot summer night
105 degrees farenheit
Feeling the heat underneath that cajun moon
Takin our time movin real slow
Building a fire watching it grow
Until its burning out of control
Luisiana Love

A hot pot of crawfish boiling red
She breaks of a tail and sucks on the head
And hands one to me ohhh ohhh wee
We sneek to the dock and grab a hicory pole
And lay out a blanket in her popaís P-row
And float away down to the Ponchatrain
Tryin keep it quiet, be a little cautious
Iíd be allagator bait if the preacher man caught us


ohhhhhoohhh Louisiana Love
Ohhhhoohhh I Can't get enough


Like the fire burning in my soul thatís Louisiana love

Louisiana love
Louisiana love
Don't ya know girl I canít get enough
Louisiana love
Louisiana love
Don't ya know girl I canít get enough
I cant get enough
Your Louisiana Love

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