Eddie Raven Lyrics
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Eddie Raven Lyrics

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Eddie Raven Lyrics

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Album Lyrics: Living in Black and White [2001]

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Raven Eddie
"Living in Black and White" [2001]

  1. Living In Black And White
  2. Don't Worry About Me
  3. A Little Bit More
  4. Blue Cajun Moon
  5. Til I Can't Hold You Anymore
  6. Hearing It In French
  7. Bermuda Triangle
  8. You Don't Have To Live With It
  9. Cowboys Don't Cry
  10. Coldest Fire
  11. If Wishing Only Made It So
  12. New Orleans Is A Mighty Good Town

Album Lyrics: The Best of Eddy Raven [1997]

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Raven Eddie
"The Best of Eddy Raven" [1997]

  1. Joe Knows How to Live
  2. I'm Gonna Get You
  3. I Got Mexico
  4. Shine, Shine, Shine
  5. You Should Have Been Gone By Now
  6. Right Hand Man
  7. I Wanna Hear It from You
  8. Heart on the Line / Operator, Operator
  9. I Could Use Another You
  10. I Should've Called

Album Lyrics: Eddy Raven - Other Songs [0]

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Buy Eddy Raven - Other Songs CD
Raven Eddie
"Eddy Raven - Other Songs"

  1. Looking For Ways

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