Heidi Raye, Good Either Way Lyrics

Good Either Way Lyrics

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Heidi Raye - Good Either Way Lyrics

There's nothing left but the leaving
Let's get this show on the road
Turned my back on believing
Cause I've lost all hope
You could ever convince me
It wont happen again and you could change
Tell the truth or tell a lie
Make me laugh or make me cry
I'm good either way

Damned if I do or if I don't
My heart is broken just the same
Guess that's how the story goes
Either way I feel the pain
I may be bruised but I'm not shattered
So don't think that I wont leave you in that bed you've made
You can sink and watch me swim
You can lose or I can win
I'm good either way

Yeah it is what it is
There's no turnin' around
That ship has sailed
And that bridge you burned down
Is just smoldering pieces
No point changing now, there's nothing to say
This book is closed
You can leave or I can go
I'm good either way

The curtain's comin' down
You can hide or take your bow
I'm good either way

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