Red Roots, Diamonds In My Heart Lyrics

Diamonds In My Heart Lyrics

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Red Roots - Diamonds In My Heart Lyrics

Everybody knows that beauty's only skin deep
Sometimes I think happiness is too
Cause you can fake a pretty smile
And it may last a while
You just can't make up your own truth
No thereís some things about you
Even Maybelline wonít hide
Itís hard to cover up
The way you feel when you feel ugly inside

Let my face be wrinkled
And my red hair turned to gray
Iíd rather be the kind of beautiful
The years canít take away
When I grow old and my storyís told
Iíll shine up with the stars
Cause You turned the coal in my soul
To diamonds in my heart

I used to think love was just a feeling
An emotion that simply comes and goes
Till I saw an old woman with your light
Sparkling from the inside
So I asked her have you always had that glow
She said thereís some things about me
Even Maybelline wonít hide
It's hard to cover up The way you feel
When you feel His love inside

[Thanks to Max for lyrics]

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