Red Roots, What If God Says No Lyrics

What If God Says No Lyrics

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Red Roots - What If God Says No Lyrics

One year ago today, she got the call
That stopped her life
And ever since that moment,
He prayed God would heal his wife
She got weaker by the minute
In that hospital bed
And she could see that he was mad at
God, so she took his hand and said

What if God says no
It donít mean He loves us less
It just means He knows whatís best
What if God says no
Itís enough we have His grace
So donít let go of your faith
What if God says no

Just south of Atlanta,
Itís been slow out on his job
But now heís lovin on his family
And has time to talk to God
Heís prayin that a miracle
Will turn his business back around
But what if God gives him the answer
That His grace is good for now

Jesus prayed on the last night
Before He was crucified
And said, ďDad if thereís another way,
Could you let this pass me by?Ē
But God saw the big picture,
That it had to be done
So as much as it hurt,
He couldnít say yes to His Son

[Thanks to Max for lyrics]

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