Levi Riggs, My Best Friend's A Girl Lyrics

My Best Friend's A Girl Lyrics

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Levi Riggs - My Best Friend's A Girl Lyrics

My best friend has 50 pairs of shoes, spends an hour at the store looking for shampoo.
My best friend hates it when I cuss, wonít drink beer or go fishiní that much
My best friend knows nothiní bout guitars, donít get into poker or smokiní big cigars
Never checks the oil in the car...

Sheís five foot four and fun to kiss, the one I wanna hang out with on a Sunday. When itís rainin.í Weíll just lay around and love all day. I can talk to her about everything. She can talk me into most anything. Even drug me down to Disney world....my best friendís a girl.
My best friend hates the freckles on her nose. Sheís as pretty as it gets, and doesnít even know it. My best friend can be stubborn as an ox and go an leave a little love note in my tackle box . And lately, been talkiní babies, quite a lot.

She tells me, when my pants donít match my shirt. Sheís seen me at my best and loved me at my worst.

Yea, my best friendís a girl. I sure love you, girl.

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