Levi Riggs, She Just Prays Lyrics

She Just Prays Lyrics

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Levi Riggs - She Just Prays Lyrics

The farmer prays for rain from that old stubborn sky
So his crops will grow and his great, great grandaddy’s dream won’t die
The doctor prays for steady hands to give that girl more time
And the soldier prays he’s home before the baby’s due
And mama’s, they just pray for you.

She’s Callin’ Down the Angels To keep you safe, everyday
She’s prayin’ all the right dreams come true
That you find love, keep your faith, forgive yourself for your mistakes

Everybody’s got a list of things that they ask God to due. But mamma’s, they just pray for you.

From the fevers and the stitched, to every game you ever lost
And every time you took the wheel, whether you knew it or not
She was right there on her knees, pouring out her heart
She don’t talk to God ‘bout all that stuff on the evening news, No mommas they just pray for you.


She prays you find love, but even then, you come home every chance you get.

Everybody’s got a list of things, they ask God to do but mammas, they just pray for you. They just pray for you.

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