Levi Riggs, You're Gettin Warm Lyrics

You're Gettin Warm Lyrics

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Levi Riggs - You're Gettin Warm Lyrics

I said baby how bout us dressin’ up and going out, she said, “No.” Well how bout then we call up a few friends, she said, “No.” Baby let me guess from that wine you just poured, I need to build us a fire and make a bed on the floor..

(CHORUS) She said, “Your gettin’ warm, your gettin’ close. Keep going where you’re going, you’re on the right road. Almost there, try that again. Oh, Keep the kisses coming up and down my skin. Baby stay right where you are, you’re gettin warm.”

I said what if I did just a little more of this, she said, “Yes.” Would I be on track with another touch of that? She said, “Yes.”

Is my takin your breath away starting to work? Are we bout to the place it’s more heaven than earth?

Its a teasing little game she likes to play and I play right along, when I hear her say You’re gettin’ warm....

Almost there, try that again. Oh keep the kisses coming up and down my skin
Baby stay right where you are
Yea, baby so good so far... You’re gettin’ warm.... mmm... You’re gettin’ warm.

[Thanks to max for lyrics]

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