Josh Ritter, In The Dark Lyrics

In The Dark Lyrics

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Josh Ritter - In The Dark Lyrics

We started looking for you In the darker caves We had a lot of love We thought would light the way We saw the wrecks of buildings And ships that sank in starlight We saw the ghosts of angels That spoke of falls from tremendous heights

Donıt you leave us in the dark

We saw your old flames And some were burning yet It made us smile to see Just how well tended each was kept But other fires were burning too And I saw the battlefields The dying Light Brigade Stretched out upon the wheel

Donıt you leave us in the dark

Every heart is much the same We tell ourselves down here The same chambers fed by veins The same maze of love and fear We thought you were a saint But the halo was an eye Itıs hard to see how there could be So much dark inside the light

Donıt you leave us in the dark

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