Josh Ritter, Rainslicker Lyrics

Rainslicker Lyrics

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Josh Ritter - Rainslicker Lyrics

you had your red rainslicker on
your face was turned up into rain as you watched me
and I was crossing I was crossing
the street like my own Rubicon
coming back home to ya coming back Rome
and your eyes were so patient and calm
and green as the grass that might grow on the 23rd Psalm

the last forty days have been rain
the sun is a prodigal one that seems bent upon
giving itself a bad name
and leaving us deep in the lurch as we walked down the lane

itís a long time oh such a long time
and I hope for your sake Iíve changed
and I hope for my sake you managed to remain the same

is it raining for you raining for you now
like itís raining for me raining for me now
you tied your old bike to a tree
came in from the weather though not yet together

I felt your hand light on my sleeve
as light as a bird that might offer a sinner reprieve
we donít know too much I know we donít know too much
but love rains mysteriously
and behind every cloud is a purpose only now we can see

that itís raining for us raining for us now
raining for us raining for us now
raining for us raining for us now
raining for us raining for us now

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