Darrell Scott, Fiddler Jones Lyrics

Fiddler Jones Lyrics

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Darrell Scott - Fiddler Jones Lyrics

e earth gives us music, it’s there in your heart
If you’re lucky you feel it in the end from the start
You hear it, it hears you, you trust and obey
Where’er it may lead you, you wont go astray
It brought me a ddle, so ddle I do
From the coal-camp to the sawmill, I’ve left many a tune
I’ve played in the jailhouse on a prisoners last night
We both cried like a baby til dawn’s early light
All the pretty girls dancing, I still hear their skirts
ey’re spinning and prancing with dandies and irts
I play through the laughter, I play all alone
‘til it’s me and the horses, pack up and go home
And the people all know me wherever I go
ere’s Fiddler Jones, there goes Fiddler Jones
I have forty acres, a mule and a plow
I no more get started and one comes around
For a picnic or wedding, we strike us a deal
And i’m o in their wagon my plow in the eld
I hear choirs and symphonies up in my head
In the wind in the cornstalks, my heartbeat in bed
In the river at midnight, the creak of a door 
In red-headed sammy tapping o toor-a-loor
I’ve ddled for governers, I’ve ddled for slaves
I’ve ddled at birthings, I’ve ddled on graves
I’ve one thousand memories I’ll never forget
One broken ddle, and not a single regret
And the people all know me wherever I go
ere’s ddler jones, there goes ddler jones
And the people all know me wherever I go
ere’s Fiddler Jones, there comes Fiddler Jones

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