Darrell Scott, Free Again Lyrics

Free Again Lyrics

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Darrell Scott - Free Again Lyrics

I used to pray to an idol, I donít do that anymore
I used to bow down to a king, scrape my chin across the oor
I used to be ruled by hatred, fear and jealousy
I used to be ruled by all these things, but I never more will be
I use to bow down to the bottle, to the holy cigarette
I was a fool for money, wanted all that I could get
Iíd do anything for a woman, if I thought that sheíd have me
Now Iíve given up on all these things and nally Iím free
Iím free again, like I have been reborn
Itís a brand new day, in the early hours of morn
And Iím walkin away, from the trouble Iíve been in
I'm free again
I was afraid to look inside, to see what I might nd
It might be worse than cancer, maybe I would lose my mind
I kept myself distracted, I found a thousand ways
I used to let them weigh me down, now I let them fall away
As soon as I stop tryin, I nd an easy way
Stop lookin for the future, start living for today
I give up on perfection, start breathing easily
And if I ever need an answer, I just look inside of me
I donít need a banker, his silver and his gold
I donít need to be young and thin, Iím happy growin old
And lately Iíve been thinkin, thereís hope for you and me
ĎCause maybe now Iím ready, to be all I can be
Chorus and tag chorus

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