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My Friend Lyrics

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Hillary Scott - My Friend Lyrics

In the event you find another

Have you ever seen the sun

Falling as the day turns to night

That's just time

And have you ever heard the moon

Cry for just a little more light

That's just time

Have you ever heard it said

That you're going out of your mind

They're just blind

And have you ever been

the one who bled

and hid it with a turn of your head

That's just fine

So have you ever been the one

To love with all of your might

That's just life

And have you ever been the one

To wonder why it won't turn out right

That's just life

You've been my friend

And will be until the end

Have you ever seen the tears

Falling like they were the rain

That's just pain

And have you ever looked and realized

There was no one to blame

That's just the same

You've been my friend and

will be until the end.

And I now if you go

I will see you again

My friend

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