Ray Scott, I Didn't Come Here To Talk Lyrics

I Didn't Come Here To Talk Lyrics

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Ray Scott - I Didn't Come Here To Talk Lyrics

I could tell ya that I missed ya,
Say itís good to be home,
And that itís hell out there without you,
And it hard to sleep alone,
I could say I missed the feeliní,
Of your lips on mine,
Tell ya everythingís right in my world,
When itís just you and I,
I could stare at you forever,
Girl, I could go on and on,
But I didnít come here to talk

I could whisper youíre my angel,
ĎCause thatís sure what Iím thinking now,
But Iíd rather tell ya that I love you,
Without a word from my mouth

Now, I love a good conversation,
And your bodyís talking to me,
Itís sayiní once might not quite be enough,
And Iíd say I have to agree,
You lookiní fine in that dress,
Here, let me help ya slip it off,
I didnít come here to talk

Baby lay down here in my arms,
Let me show ya what Iíve waited on,
Ah, sometimes girl,
Thereís no need for words at all

I didnít come here to talk.
Come here baby.

[Thanks to sue_blueyes@yahoo.com for lyrics]

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