Ashton Shepherd, For Boosin' Lyrics

For Boosin' Lyrics

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Ashton Shepherd - For Boosin' Lyrics

He walked up to the bar
Ordered up a hard shot like always
He's played every honkytonk
Could sing any song you want on Broadway
And all the locals said he should've had a chance
But he took to the bottle
The bottle took his hand

He could've been a celebrity
He almost was in '83
But the music kept changin'
And the bottle kept hangin' on
It's sad he didn't make it
Kind of bad ain't it
He never dreamed of losin'
Oh but he couldn't win for boosin'

If he had won where would he be
Probably not out on the streets
Singin' on Broadway
Guitar fills his hands
But he's a very empty man
He choked the wrong way
Though all the locals said he could've had a chance
Now he watches passers by that could've been his fans

(Repeat Chorus)

He walked up to the bar
He ordered up a hard shot like always

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]

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