Richard Shindell, Get Up Clara Lyrics

Get Up Clara Lyrics

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Richard Shindell - Get Up Clara Lyrics

Come on Clara
Don't look at me with those big sad eyes
Please Clara
No use crying, it won't work this time
Enough is enough
We've been through this a thousand times
Ever since we started roaming
To wherever it is we're going

Get up Clara
Be a good mule now stop this farce
Get up Clara
The wind is cold and it's getting dark
Don't fail me now, get up girl
I've followed you this far
Out here beyond all knowing
And only you know where we're going

Clara dear, I must've been a fool
To listen to a mule
Even one as sharp as you
Clara dear, a soul's a heavy load
When you're running out of road
And you can never go back to Rome

Come on Clara
The map said there be monsters here
Did you hear that noise?
Whatever it was sounded wicked wierd
Vandals, Celts, and Visigoths are everywhere
And this road ain't even Roman
Just where in hell are we going?


Please Clara
Just take us up over this one last rise
Please Clara
Maybe there's something on the other side
We'll build a little fire there
To get us through this night
Out here beyond all knowing
And only you know where we're going


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