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David Simmons - Cindy Lyrics

Not long ago was my first time here
And I was so sick inside I didnít care
As she rolled that little pink wheelchair
Over to me
Said hi with the cutest little smile
My name is Cindy
Iíve been living here since I was three
Mister could I pray for you
You look so sad
And I understand if you donít want me too
But me and mom just wanted you to know
God can make you whole

With tears falling from my eyes
She held my hands so tight
And she prayed
She said I know it works because he took away my pain
All you have to do is believe
He says just trust in me
And I can fix anything

Now every Saturday I walk down that hall
Searching for her beautiful little smile
And Cindy will find me with that fire in her eyes
With that little pink bow on top her head
Where her hair should be
So sick all week she couldnít get out of bed
And I find a chair
Pull it up right there so we were eye to eye
And she would say please donít cry
Dave Iíll be just fine with a smile

But will you please play a song just for me
Itís Saturday and Iíve been waiting for you all week
Maybe when were done we could find a book to read
And I donít care witch one
Hey donít tell my mom but reading with you is lots more fun
When you make those silly faces at me
I laugh so hard sometimes I just canít breathe
Do you think one day I can pet your dogs
I know you say there as big as hogs
But they look beautiful to me
Just as cute as can be
So I give her that silly smile
And that little six year old girl
Steals my heart for a while

Last week I got the call
That I couldnít walk down that hall
And find her smile
Never again can I play her that song
The one she would always sing along
I didnít get the chance to say goodbye
And it broke me inside
But I carry her deep in my heart
And I know I will see her again
And sitting up there in heaven sheís praying for me
With that little pink bow on top her head
Where her hair should be
I will never forget the smile
Of that beautiful little girl Cindy that stole my heart for a while

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