Stephen Simmons, Leader of Men Lyrics

Leader of Men Lyrics

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Stephen Simmons - Leader of Men Lyrics

My brotherís family
Settled on Hackerís Creek
They lived there in August
Six months and a week

Shawnees raided the camp
We heard there were 16 slain
So we rode out at dawn
In a late September rain

Settlement was burned
And my brother lay dying
But along the waterís edge
I heard a baby crying

I walked over to the creek
I laid down my gun
In the cattails along the water
Lay my brotherís only son

He was seven months old
In this world alone
My brothers first born
So we raised him as our own

For years he worked with me
Down below Arden Ridge
A grist mill along the Tygart
Across the Moatsville bridge

We raised him up right
In the ways of the Lord
With the helmet of salvation
With the Spirit as his sword

Spread the faith from an early age
And we saw he had no fears
In time he grew in wisdom
Well beyond his years

The chosen that path he walked
The road unseen to some
When he turned seventeen
He knew his day had come

From Galloway to the Tygart
Heís been riding ever since
A chosen leader of men
His name was Levi Prince

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