Stephen Simmons, Sinnerís Grin Lyrics

Sinnerís Grin Lyrics

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Stephen Simmons - Sinnerís Grin Lyrics

Courtroom burned
In that late July heat
I sat on the stand
Next to the judge
I was burning in my seat

ďTell us where you were
Last Friday night, Son
When we found your wife
And another man
Shot dead by your own gun.Ē

ďLike I said before
I was working, you know?
I was upstate
Laying rail
For the North Atlantic B & O.Ē

ďGot home the next day
Thatís when I heard
Sheriff stopped by
With a deputy
Thatís when they gave me the word.Ē

It was too late by then
Not much I could do
They hauled me in
And locked me up
Said, ďSon, we believe it was you.Ē

The jury came back
The verdict they read
I stood up in silence
But to my surprise
ďNot Guilty,Ē they said

I walked away that day
Free as I could be
Not a man walking today
With a story to tell
Walking as lucky as me

Sitting back on my porch
Iíll never see that woman again
I chuckled to myself
In the cool evening breeze
Smiling that sinnerís grin

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