Stephen Simmons, The Hitchhiker’s Blues (Living’s For The Dying) Lyrics

The Hitchhiker’s Blues (Living’s For The Dying) Lyrics

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Stephen Simmons - The Hitchhiker’s Blues (Living’s For The Dying) Lyrics

I pulled my diesel off
To the side of the road
I was checking my tires
I was checking my load

Along the road this guy
Asked to hitch a ride
I said, “No problem, man.”
And he climbed inside

I asked where he was going
I asked where he’d been
Man, I was surprised
When he answered with a grin

He said, “It’s more the going
Than it is the getting’ there
And I figure anywhere’s
‘bout as good as somewhere

I’m gonna look around
And see what I can see
‘Cause man this world
It means nothing to me

I see people looking
Man, when I look around
Seems like there’s more lost
Than there seems to be found

We’re looking ‘round the world
But we won’t find it here
Nothing’ll fill you up
Not gray skies nor clear

We’ll take a step
Then we want one more
We’re just running in circles
Faster than ever before

But there are no endings
No destinations to be found
No shelter from the storm
Just the hope of higher ground

We’re killing ourselves
Without even trying
And if you call that life
Then living’s for the dying.”

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