Corey Smith, Happy Ever After Lyrics

Happy Ever After Lyrics

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Corey Smith - Happy Ever After Lyrics

Lately, Iíve been singing the blues
For no apparent reason
I lay around on the couch
Piss and moan dragginí everyone down
Maybe, its always been in the bloodstream
Maybe daddy was right when he told me
Boy, youíre just like your momma
Keep your head up your ass all the time

I feel like a fool
Kickin myself black and blue for the choices Iíve made
Down and out
Stuck in the mud sinkiní fast gettiní worse everyday
Good Lord, wonít you throw me a lifeline
A ray of hope in the sunshine
Wonít you help me to find my happy ever after, Amen

Lately, Iím taking pills by the handful
The doctor told me I need Ďem
Yea he wrote me a note and
Said I hope you have a hell of a time
Theyíre too good, fill me up with a warm rush
The newspaper donít upset me as much
They ainít easy to swallow
But itís better than sleepiní all day

Iím high as a kite
At least for the time been killiní the pain in my heart
Lettiní go
Of the guilt and the shame that are teariní my life apart
Good Lord, wonít you keep me from crashiní
In anyway, shape, form, or fashion
Canít you fill my prescription
Happy ever after, Amen

Have mercy on me
Hear my pitiful prayer
I need your sympathy
Cause it feels like nobody cares about me
Since I quit takiní care of myself

Oh Iím tired, tired of the struggle
And tired of the lies that Iíve told
But Iím scared
Scared that my storybook ending will never unfold
Good Lord, Iím not much for confession
But if you can cure my depression
I swear Iíll do better
Happy ever after, happy ever after
Happy ever after, Amen

[Thanks to Danielle for corrections]

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