Corey Smith, Maybe next Year Lyrics

Maybe next Year Lyrics

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Corey Smith - Maybe next Year Lyrics

Times are a changing
But Iím still the same olí son of a bitch in the wind
I act like I did back when I was a kid
But it hurts me more than it did back then
I go out on the town and make a fool of myself
I run around with the same rowdy friends
I get drunk and obnoxious
And wake up the next day sweariní Iím never drinkiní again

Yeah, my grandma still tells me
Enough is enough
Life ainít a game, son
Itís time to grow up

Maybe next year, Iíll start acting my age
Turn a new leaf over my wicked ways
Get a real job and start pulliní my weight
Only 365 days
Until I change my ways

I dress like a slob
I never tuck in my shirt
I let it hang over my baggy jeans
I wear an old baseball cap on the top of my head
With the logo of my favorite team
Still got the same dirty mouth that Iíve had
Since my first cousin taught me to cuss
And I just quit my 9 to 5 occupation
To play a whole bunch of songs I made up

Yeah, Iím a big olí kid
But I ainít ashamed
ĎCause when the time comes around
I know I can change


Maybe next year Iíll quit blowiní all of the cash
Start working out and get off of my ass
Maybe next year Iíll quit putting off all the chores
Maybe next year Iíll visit my grandparents more
Maybe next year Iíll go back to church and repent
Maybe next year Iíll pick up my Bible again

I ought to straighten up
And thereís no better time than now
To kick all the habits
That are bringiní me down

Maybe next year I wonít be singiní the blues
Maybe next year Iíll start telling the truth
Maybe next year I wonít stay drunk all the time
Maybe next year Iíll have a little more peace of mind
And maybe next year
I wonít be so sad when Iím alone

Maybe next year

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