Southern Drawl Band, Another Day In Paradise Lyrics

Another Day In Paradise Lyrics

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Southern Drawl Band - Another Day In Paradise Lyrics

I set out on a road so long ago
On the path to nowhere and wound up here
Caught up in the middle of a life I know
Where the days roll by without a care
See that trace of a smile on my face
Itís the places I go and the people I meet
Weíre all the same here, no reason to complain here
Pour another cold beer and pull up a seat

Where the nights are always young and nobody ever gets old
It might not quite be heaven but itís sure good for the soul
Surfís up and the sun is high, itís a beautiful day, man...lifeís alright
Sit around watching the clouds roll by...just another day in paradise

Well I donít need to know where this life is going
My sails are full and the windís still blowing
Watching the waves drift by at my pace
Just a little like a day goes by in this place
Sittiní somewhere South of a little bit warm
Where the sun keeps shining through the rain and storms
And what else do I need but a hammock and a tree?
A warm breeze, cold drinks, and cut-off teeís

Repeat chorus

repeat 1st verse

repeat chorus

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