Southern Drawl Band, Family Tree Lyrics

Family Tree Lyrics

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Southern Drawl Band - Family Tree Lyrics

I’ve got a red dirt poor pedigree
A farmer’s tan, a workin’ man’s mentality
My roots run deep and they are proud
From the history of holdin’ on and holdin’ out.

Seeds of faith sewn in this ground of mine.
I got a steady stream of hope for when the dreams run dry.
And the worst tough times
They won’t get the best of me.
‘Cause givin’ up don’t grow
On my family tree.

No tailgate and a rusty hood.
Got a dented door, but it’s paid for and it’s runnin’ good.
I got a saggin’ porch and a leaky roof.
But it won’t get me down cause what I got is weatherproof.
I got faith in God
And an honest life.
Well, I love my country, my two kids
And my wife.
And these worst of times,
They won’t get the best of me.
‘Cause givin’ up don’t grow on my family tree.

Yeah, the break of the dawn starts a new day again.
And my fields need attendin’ so my family can be fed.
So I’ll keep on diggin’ deep down in this soul of mine.
‘Cause I know that there’s gonna come a harvest time.

‘Cause daddy was a dust bowl child
He was born in Boise City 1935.
Had weathered skin and a sweat soaked brow.
He had calloused hands from drawin’ life out of the ground.
He poured his soul
Into his land.
It might have broke his back but he gave thanks for all he had.
They buried him where they’ll bury me.
I’ll be restin’ in that shade of my family tree.

[Thanks to Duane Cahill for lyrics]

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