Southern Drawl Band, The Backroads Lyrics

The Backroads Lyrics

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Southern Drawl Band - The Backroads Lyrics

Man, I love the smell of fresh cut grass in the air
On a summer day.
And Iíve had my fill of these city streets, concrete.
I think itís time for a getaway.
Iím gonna find me a red dirt trail
With an old scarecrow
Under a big shade tree
Where life is slow.

Out on the backroads.
Yeah, out on the backroads.

Now you might think the houses Ďround here are falliní apart
And lookiní rough, that folks ainít got much.
Ah, but it ainít nothiní a new coat of paint wonít fix.
Take a closer look, Ďcause theyíre filled with love.
Iím sittiní down on the river bank.
With an old cane pole.
Iím watchiní the sun set.
Iím watchin the weeds grow.

Out on the backroads.
Yeah, out on the backroads.

Well old folks sittiní in a front porch swing
Sippiní sweet tea and shelliní beans as the cars go by.
Well, see that old pickup truck, yeah itís a fixer-up just sittiní on blocks
In that gravel drive.
I got a rusty old tractor
Waviní me on by.
Heís headiní for a field to plow
I guess it all takes time.

Out on the backroads.
Yeah, out on the backroads.

I was raised in a place like this, dirt roads and cattle fences.
Guess itís true what they say, you donít miss it Ďtil itís gone.
And I couldnít wait Ďtil the day that I turned eighteen
I hopped that fence where the grass was green and I was gone.
Now Iím back where I belong.

Out on the backroads,
Yeah, the backroads.

[Thanks to Duane Cahill for lyrics]

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