Bruce Springsteen, Down In The Hole Lyrics

Down In The Hole Lyrics

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Bruce Springsteen - Down In The Hole Lyrics

Sun comes every morning, but it ain't no friend
I get dressed and I go back again
The rain it keeps on fallin', on twisted bones and dirt
I'm buried to my heart here in this hurt
The fire keeps on burnin', you're waiting in the cold
Down in the hole

Dark and bloody autumn, pierces my heart
The memory of your kiss tears me apart
The sky above is turning, the world below's gone gray
I thought that I could turn and walk away
But the fire keeps on burnin', I'm working in the cold
Down in the hole

Radio's cracklin' with the headlines
Wind in the phone lines
The sun upon your shoulder
Empty city skyline
The day rips apart
A dark and bloody arrow pierced my heart

I got nothin' but hard blue sky and sunshine
The things you left behind
I wake to find my city's gone to black
The days just keep on fallin'
Your voice it keeps on callin'
I'm gonna dig right here until I get you back
The fires keep on burnin', I'm here with you in the cold
Down in the hole (Down in the hole)
Down in the hole (Down in the hole)

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