Max Stalling, Bathwater Baby Lyrics

Bathwater Baby Lyrics

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Max Stalling - Bathwater Baby Lyrics

I saw you go down with your heart aflame
I ran for water but grabbed kerosene
Now, oh my goodness, despite my efforts
What a blazing mess

2nd verse:
I climbed in bed with my frozen feet
You felt something and threw back the sheets
So there I'm lying, so there your crying, how unfortunate
But aw, through it all the truth was I loved you best

Now you're holding something better
And now I'm holding old love letters and new regrets
The irony is just so glaring
Cause now I've got this torch to carry and it burns you bet
But aw, through it all the truth was I loved you best


3rd verse:
Now toothpast and tube, it's just one of the views I have
about me and you lately
It's cliche I know but seems apropos, if the shoe fits well
I figure say it
I know it's a fact that I over reacted, sometimes my
passions betray me
The changes I made as I tried to come clean; you were my
bath water baby

4th verse:
Now I did all the squeezing
And now I've got this real bad feeling that I made this mess
I did all the plug pulling
And now I'm high and dry, no fooling, it's my fault I guess
But aw, through it all, the truth was I loved you best
Aw, through it all the truth was
Aw, don't you know the truth was
Aw, don't you know I loved you best

You were my bath water baby.

[Thanks to max for lyrics]

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