Joe Stampley, Whiskey Talkin' Lyrics

Whiskey Talkin' Lyrics

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Joe Stampley - Whiskey Talkin' Lyrics

Whiskey Talkiní

Recorded by : Joe Stampley 1974
Written by: D. Darst Ė Carmol Taylor Ė Joe Stampley

Every time I think about the good love that we had.
I wonder why, I let it die, Lord I feel so bad.
A woman was a precious thing, she tried everyway
But I drank too much, and said some things I didnít mean to say.

And it was whiskey talkiní to her Lord, I swear it wasnít me.
But a man who drinks, he never thinks how itís gonna be.
So my friend, if you have someone who, is waiting with her love,

Take my advice and leave tonight, itís you she thinking of
ĎCause these old barís leave their scars all over you and me
And it could be you tomorrow night, telling how it use to be.

ĎCause it was whiskey talking to her Lord
I swear it wasnít me
But a man who drinks,
He never thinks how itís gonna be.

You know a man who drinks,
He never thinks
How things are gonna be.

Transcribed by: Bill O. Cain Sr.

[Thanks to Bill O.Cain for lyrics]

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