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Under The X In Texas Lyrics

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Red Steagall - Under The X In Texas Lyrics

I'm a sittin' here with a map, laid out on my lap
Now there's not too many places that I ain't been
But the one place I love best, is spread out all over the west
And I'm tryin' to figure how to get back home again
I wish I was sittin' right under the X in Texas
Right in the heart of where my heart must be
No matter where I roam I never feel at home, ‘cept in Texas
Under the “X” in Texas, is the only place for me

[solo: guitar - steel - fiddle]

Now I don't know what I miss the most
The hills out west or the southern coast
Or, bein’ where a man can see for miles and miles
Those east Texas hills with the tall pine trees
Or the great state plaine with the prairie breeze
Or maybe I'm lonesome to see a Texas smile

Now I aint got nothin’ againt the rest
But why settle for less when you know what’s best
Under the “X” in Texas is the only place for me

[Thanks to noah.buck for lyrics]

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