Steep Canyon Rangers, Long Shot Lyrics

Long Shot Lyrics

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Steep Canyon Rangers - Long Shot Lyrics

I saw you noticed me when I walked in
And you rolled your eyes when I started to grin
Now you don't have to tell me that I don't fit in
Cause I've been travellin'
I must say I've been thrown outta places that are nicer than this
For a whole lot more than just on kiss
But we just might find what we always have missed
While we're still alive

And I've always been a long shot baby
Bettin' on every chance I got
People gonna say that they knew me when
Cause I've always been a long shot

You can't win more than you're willin' to bet
So put your love on the table and you see what you get
'Til your ship comes in you might get wet
They say talk is cheap
So I always keep a prayer in my heart
And a horse in the race
A line in the water and an eye for the ace
Learnin' how to fly while I'm fallin' from grace
I learned how to fly

Chorus x2

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