String Cheese Incident, Big Compromise Lyrics

Big Compromise Lyrics

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String Cheese Incident - Big Compromise Lyrics

How may years has it been to this day
We've known each other in so many ways
Sometimes it seems so hard to agree, you said
I don't even know if you're listening to me

Well you're right
It's time for the big compromise

They had to drag me kicking and screaming
From all those plans I made that were leaving
Still all in all it's been a good run, maybe
Too many heads are better than one

Well you're right
It's time for the big compromise

Well I'll admit that I'm guilty at times
Of wanting my own way, drawing the line
Stubbornly stumbling through my overtures
That should've come sooner, but I wasn't sure

There was this couple out on the street
One look and sure they were feeling the heat
All I could think as the man turned away was
I wish I could give him the courage to say

You're right, you're right
It's time for the big compromise

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