Sugar Bayou Band, He's Just Weak Lyrics

He's Just Weak Lyrics

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Sugar Bayou Band - He's Just Weak Lyrics

Heís got a brand new baby, sheís got a lot to learn
Heís drop dead and heís charming but when the tableís turn
Sheíll be so mad she canít speak
He ainít wickedĖheís just weak

Like a desert Shaman, heíll put you in a trance
Heíll pick you up in his Cadillac and heíll leave you at the dance
Then at 3 a.m. youíll hear that screen door creak
He ainít wickedĖheís just weak
And when thereís talk of settling down he thinks thatís on you bed
Then heíll sweet talk and youíll come around
Youíll forget what you just said
You can lead him down a righteous path
But he donít know right from wrong
Heíll wind up walking out your door and you knew it all along

He use to be my man, oh but now heís just my boy
I treat him like he treated meĖjust an afternoon of joy
And when he leaves, well there ainít no key to keep
He ainít wickedĖheís just weak

Donít think you can change him Ďcause honey heís just made that way
And girl you know when he says forever that might only last a day
Heís the undisputed king of double-speak
He ainít wicked heís just weak

[Thanks to April Rapier for lyrics]

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