The Sunny Cowgirls, Dangerous Tonight Lyrics

Dangerous Tonight Lyrics

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The Sunny Cowgirls - Dangerous Tonight Lyrics

Sophie Clabburn

Can't complete with history
That's the way it seems
When it comes to you and me
Well, I've been here before
And I see that open door
But I just can't get up and leave
It's not right, and I believe

It could get dangerous tonight
If I don't stay between the lines
I want what's on the other side
And I can see it in your eyes
It could get dangerous tonight

Let's finish off this wine
And I'll just take my time
Try to figure out what's mine
Swimming in open water
Tell me, would you tell her
Cos I don't wanna live a lie
Cheatin's wrong but love is blind

This shallow water's running deep
And it's so cold that I can't sleep
And it's dark, so I don't see
But my conscience is telling me

It could get dangerous tonight
It could get dangerous tonight

[Thanks to Samantha Besant for lyrics]

[Thanks to LOM for corrections]

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