The Sunny Cowgirls, Drinking Down Our Pay Lyrics

Drinking Down Our Pay Lyrics

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The Sunny Cowgirls - Drinking Down Our Pay Lyrics

Sophie Clabburn

Roll outta bed on a Monday morning
Already the boss is calling
Slept in a little too late
I reckon last night was a big mistake
I'm dry as a chip, my head aches
I know it's gonna be a long five days

Now we'll be mustering cattle for most of the day
Cleaning out troughs and feeding out hay
Fix the gate on the boundary fence
Then it's back to the yards to brand and drench
Got a sale on Wednesday morn
Load 'em up at the crack of dawn
Long days and not much pay
You earn your beer so I can't complain

Waitin' for Friday to come
See the boss grab the cheque and run
We work for our board, we work for our keep
And we work for our turps at the end of the week

We've got a 95K trip into town
We'll be cruising down the road
When the sun goes down
Couldn't be a better time of day
And I know this one is gonna be a bender
It'll be one to remember
Friday, Saturday, Sunday all the way
We're drinking down our pay

10am wake up at the pub
Brush our teeth and get some grub
Today gonna go for a drive
The rugby's on in Narrabri
Go along, cheer on the boys
Us girls are gonna make some noise
Got a slab and the Esky too
We're all set until the game is through

Gotta get back into town
Fill 'er up and the foot goes down
There's a party on at Spud's tonight
So we'll do it all again until the morning light

Next week will drag, but that's ok
We live for the weekend
And when Friday afternoon is here
It starts all up again

[Thanks to Samantha Besant for lyrics]

[Thanks to LOM for corrections]

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