The Sunny Cowgirls, Live It Loud Lyrics

Live It Loud Lyrics

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The Sunny Cowgirls - Live It Loud Lyrics

By Sophie Clabburn

I roll the dice, I hold the key
To this quarter century
This time I'm doing it for me
Well, I've been good and I've been bad
I've played games and I've been had
And there's no turning back
I've made my bed, I've laid my tracks

This time it's mine
To live it out, to live it proud
Foot down on my ground
This time is mine to live it loud

You'll get that one, you'll get them all
Say jump high and you will fall
When you put up those concrete walls
We'll smash 'em down and start again
I know we'll get there in the end
And give it all we've got
Cos this road we run is running hot

Well, I could sit and dream my life away
But where's the fun in that
You've gotta make it happen
Raise the whip and let's get crackin' oh!

[Thanks to LOM for lyrics]

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