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Naked Lyrics

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The Sunny Cowgirls - Naked Lyrics

By Sophie Clabburn

Out here on this station
Working by your side
Running bores and pipelines
The boundary we will ride
And I lose my concentration
Watching you just work away

Mustering for weeks on end
Drafting as we go
Branding, tagging cattle
And I'm sweating from head to toe
Just from dreaming 'bout that shirt of yours
On my bedroom floor

Undressing you with my eyes
Tell me baby, do you read the signs

Uh oh I'm thinking about you naked
Uh oh steaming up as the sun goes down
Uh oh I'm thinking about you naked
Baby won't you come around

Friday after knock off
We'll end up back in town
Catching up with mates and wait
For you to come on down
Oh and here you come stirring naughty thoughts
Around this head of mine

Leave me breathless, restless you do
Oh honey, if you only knew

Falling faster, burning to the ground
You shake my core you turn me inside out

[Thanks to LOM for lyrics]

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