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The Sunny Cowgirls - Stay Lyrics

Sophie Clabburn

She was a drifter, loved to move around
Meeting new people from these old towns
Travelling for years, yet she's only twenty two
Workin' on the land, the only thing she knew

Met a boy, lived out near Boggabri
At the local pub after work one Friday night
And he stole her heart with just one kiss
She'd never found a love like this
The only thing against her was the time

And he said stay
I'll be lost without your smile
And a teardrop came into her eye
She whispered to him her goodbye
I'll see you round, maybe give you a call
But I'll never stay

Packed up and left, determined to move on
She headed west, found work and a new home
But he crossed her mind, in bed at night
She wondered what it would be like to
Settle down and plant roots of her own

What if I stayed
Would I be lost in my own world
And a teardrop came into her eye
She suddenly just realised
Is it too late to turn around
I should've stayed

It takes time to learn the ropes of life
She thought she knew it all
She was thinking as she pulled into his drive
It was worth the ride
Cos now I know for sure

I'm here to stay
Cos I was lost without your smile
And a teardrop came into her eye
She whispered to him her goodnight
I'll see you in the morning after all
I'll always stay

[Thanks to LOM for corrections]

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