The Sunny Cowgirls, Ten Bucks In The Glove Box Lyrics

Ten Bucks In The Glove Box Lyrics

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The Sunny Cowgirls - Ten Bucks In The Glove Box Lyrics

By Celeste Clabburn/Peter Denahy

I was staying with a girl I went to school with
She's married to a man who's doing well
She's got the latest vehicle on the market
And her perfume is expensive I can tell

Her husband is away but he's a good man
She told me he's a snorer but he's true
I said to her I think you're very lucky
She said I know I am but so are you

I scratched my head but couldn't work it out
Couldn't understand what she was on about

I've got $10 in the glovebox and the freedom
To get behind the wheel and drive away
Haven't got expensive things so I don't worry
If someone's gonna pinch it all one day
Well I haven't got a lot but it's all mine
And $10 in the glovebox does me fine

As two friends we couldn't be more different
She wore heels and I wore dogger boots
Her scenery is on the wall on canvas
Mine is through the windscreen of my Ute

When we said goodbye she went all wistful
For Auld Lang Syne I knew she'd like to be
Singing to a CD up a back road
With $10 in the glovebox like me

[Thanks to LOM for lyrics]

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