The Sunny Cowgirls, The Hard Way Lyrics

The Hard Way Lyrics

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The Sunny Cowgirls - The Hard Way Lyrics

By Sophie Clabburn

Burnt brown, sweat stained
No hat 'neath the piercing rays
Ropes calves to brand
Rolls a smoke with a broken hand
Fence down, no gloves
Won't wear them cos he's just too tough
He's a hard nail with no shame
A full blown Aussie and he's proud to say

Skin like leather from the burning sun
Old callused hands never hurt no-one
He won't be told, but if you try he'll say

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
You gotta let me learn the hard way
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
I gotta earn it my way
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Let me learn the hard way
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah

Back road to town
Drink drives while the sun goes down
Rolls in, picks fights
stays out with the boys all night
Spends all his cash
The week ahead isn't looking too flash
Cos he's flat broke and no change
But he'll keep battling on through his days

Empty pockets and a big, black eye
The boss isn't happy cos the troughs are dry
He won't be told, but if you try he'll say

We'll keep rockin' won't play by rules
We don't need that cotton wool
We won't be told, but if you try we'll say

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