The David Brothers, Born Loser Lyrics

Born Loser Lyrics

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The David Brothers - Born Loser Lyrics

Like the heartless erection
that falls in shame
The sinking ship
without a name

The wealthy thief, the gifted lush,
The politician whos been hushed
The boxer who just wouldnt stop
The cocky gambler drinks too much
The critic always in a rush
Every bomb weve ever dropped

Im a born loser
I throw my lucky card away

Worried wives
with perfect hair
In perfect houses
with Saran wrapped chairs

Pushers and addicts think theyre friends
The ones who wait for the day to end
The thinkers who wont work overtime
The genius leader filled with hate
Dying breeds that masturbate
The cops who create the crime

Im a born loser
I throw my lucky card away

On a pilgrimage
pushed and shoved
That bitter taste
youve learned to love

Those who preach with a phony crutch
Clergy crying wolf too much
The painter selling much too high
The ones who hunt the albatross
Killers who hide behind the cross
Man made rivers going dry

Im a born loser
I throw my lucky card away

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