The David Brothers, Stay Young Lyrics

Stay Young Lyrics

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The David Brothers - Stay Young Lyrics

I was running from something I didnít know what
I was breathing like a dog in heat
She was high on the hog I was lost in the fog
said Iím getting too old for this shit

And I knew she was crazy
I knew but I didnít care
And you know there was nothing more
She had to say right then

Stay young
Stay young with me

We had another round at a bar downtown
She was dancing with a pint on her head
It shattered on the floor so she ordered 2 more
And laughed each time again

And I knew it wasnít easy
To live the way she does
Forgiveness coming easily
when youíre only having fun

Stay young
Stay young with me

Looking for a bed to rest our heads
Found a place where they charge by the hour
She was half undressed at the check out desk
he gave us service with a smile

And I heard a little bird
Whisper something in my ear
The words she said a thousand times
They all came clear

Stay young
Stay young with me

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