Gourds, The, Weather Woman Lyrics

Weather Woman Lyrics

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Gourds, The - Weather Woman Lyrics

Weather woman get it right
With your radar and your satellite
Need a couple of days sunny and bright
Youíve got the gauges make your forecast tight
Weather woman Iíll dial you in
Am I liviní in a watch or warning?
No more joint aching
No ring around the moon
Weather girl weíre all depending on youv
Weather woman whatís the call?
We just donít need you in the summer at all
My grass is dying and my bills are so high
Make like a cartoon and go poke the sky
I saw an erubescent sky turn blackv
I knew that funnel cloud was on the attack
My barometronic pressure was high
How exactly does your Doppler apply?
Do you think it rains when my weather girl cries?
I shit you not it was softball size
Hurricane or cyclone alley
Flood plain or mud-slid valley
Weather girl where do you dwell?
You still liviní at your mommaís house?
Weather girl where do you dwell?
At an out of harmís way hotel?
Weather girl where do you dwell?

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