Road Hammers, I'm A Road Hammer Lyrics

I'm A Road Hammer Lyrics

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Road Hammers - I'm A Road Hammer Lyrics

Jason McCoy / Denny Carr

man, 18 wheels and a serious plan
ainít nothiní gonna go gettiní outta hand while iím behind the wheel
iím on fire, and iím wired, full of diesel and ready for hire
iím building a rolliní empire of blood, sweat and steel
i donít waste time, i make time, teariní a strip off the white line
iím a professional man one of a kind
and i know how to bring it in

i got a clean slate, in 5 states, and 29 that ainít so great
and 14 thatíll have to wait
and two Iíve never been


iím a road hammer
a white knuckled steel gear jammer
a rig jockey highway slammer
just doiní what i got to do
iím a road hammer
a double talkiní cb grammar
iíll haul your load from alabama
all the way to timbuktu

iíve hauled the left coast
the west coast
california sun where theyíre chilliní the most
followed 309 and teddy bearís ghost, all the way to new orleans
iíve been from thunder bay to pa, all the way down to fla
and every little town along the way, there ainít much i havenít seen

repeat chorus

another day, another town, diesel up, and hammer down
i got a pimped ride, and a pretty bride, four little babies and my hound reside
back in the hills on the mountainside, just south of the river bend
got my cell phone, on roam, my sweet little thing wants to get it on
she says i left something turned on at home, she canít wait till Iím back again

repeat chorus

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