The Uncle Bill Roach Band, I Miss Fishin' With My Dad Lyrics

I Miss Fishin' With My Dad Lyrics

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The Uncle Bill Roach Band - I Miss Fishin' With My Dad Lyrics

Words and Music by Mike Slagle

It’s 3 a.m. I’m caffeined up I’m drivin’ to my Dad’s
We’d hook up that ol’ Skeeter boat the only one we ever had
And we’d buy us a bunch of minnows tryin’ to beat the sun
Just a couple of fishin’ fools out to have some fun

There was cheese and crackers and Spam for lunch and a can of pork and beans
He’d spread it out there on the ice chest and we’d have ourselves a feast
Then we’d get right back to fishin’ just as soon as we can
Cause we both knew the end would come so get it while you can

I miss fishin’ with my Dad. It was the best time I ever had
And if I go to Heaven if the Lord forgives my sins
I’ll get to go fishin’ with my ol’ man again

You know I was mighty lucky to have that Dad of mine
And I reckon we went fishin’ more than a thousand times
He’d want me to catch a mess o’ fish instead of justa wishin’
And I ain’t been since he passed away so tomorrow I’m goin’ fishin’


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