Wilkinsons, One Blue Day Lyrics

One Blue Day Lyrics

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Wilkinsons - One Blue Day Lyrics

Hearts have been broken
Angry words spoken
There's a wall of pain tears can't wash away
The first morning's the darkest
First day the hardest
After someone makes the choice to break the faith
I'm not pretending
It's easy mending
Love that shattered almost in two
Before we give in
To a hasty decison
Pray theres a still a way to hold onto
All that we're gonna lose
If we can't get through this one blue day
If we can just borrow
Some from hope from tomorrow
Or steal some sweet memories from the past
We might find the healing
We're so desperetly needing
Or get back the love we once had
Times that we slept in on Sunday morning
Under the covers holding eachother
Side by side like two dinner spoons
That's what we're gonna lose
If we can't get through this one blue day
So tell me forgivness is somewhere within us
Even though I know our souls are black and blue
There's still hope for me and you
If we can make it through this one blue day
There's hope for me and you
If we can just get through this one blue day

[Thanks to trissannachandler@yahoo.com for lyrics]

[Thanks to jessi for corrections]

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