Chris Thile, Stay Away Lyrics

Stay Away Lyrics

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Chris Thile - Stay Away Lyrics

You are the devil
Stay away from me
Stay away from me
Stay away
I am in trouble

But youíre not what I need
Youíre not what I need
Even if Iím all alone
Crying out for help
Keep yours to yourself
Cause Iím trying to hold on
To her as long as she can stand it, you've
Been prying off my fingers one by one
Prying off my fingers one by one

Iíve been praying against you
But the damage has been done
The damage has been done
And it would take a miracle
For her to break my fall
Cause she donít care at all anymore
And I donít know why I still do
and why Iím telling you
Cause you are the devil
And you can stay away from me
Stay away from me
Stay away

To hell with my freedom
If it donít come for free
And I know it donít come for free

If I give in
Give me bitter songs to play
And some sweet heart to win
Friends I thought I lost
And times I've never been
Just donít ever make me fall in love again
Shoulda seen us fly out that church
Devil stay away form me
Stay away from me
Stay away

[Thanks to Anna, Justin for corrections]

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