Chris Thile, The Wrong Idea Lyrics

The Wrong Idea Lyrics

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Chris Thile - The Wrong Idea Lyrics

I don't want to introduce you to my friends, 'cause I think they'll get the wrong idea.
You're so fetching in that dress - They'll think we have messed around
And though I'll tell them otherwise, I was gone all night with you.
What most people do will be running through their heads.
They don't need to see that I met a pretty girl last night.

I'm 19, and I've kissed 2 girls that's all.
You're 16, and you're one... Is that against the law?

I never thought that it would come to this.
My reputation will be missed
By all the dads who introduce me to their girls saying
"I have got a great idea! You're so different from most guys."
Now that's just a wishful like, because I'm not different anymore-
A revolving door you came through.
And though you're first - even if you're last - it won't change
That I'm not me, 'cause I met a pretty girl last night.

I guess I have to introduce you to my friends, but I know they'll get the wrong idea.

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